Parking is a perennial hot topic in Burke Village and this page hopes to provide clarification and help residents understand our policies. Click Documents on the menu above for more detailed information, and log into the resident portal to view parking space assignments.

It’s no secret that parking is limited in our community.  Every house is allocated two reserved spots and any additional cars must be parked elsewhere.  Visitor parking spots should primarily be for visitors and temporary resident needs.  However, the practice of using visitor spaces as permanent resident overflow parking has created a situation where our community rarely has parking available for actual visitors.  

Main Points

  • Residents and Guests are to use Coffer Woods Road or other County/State roads for overflow parking.
  • It is prohibited to use locations such as yellow curbs, sidewalks, and grass areas for parking. Only park in designated parking spaces and pads.
  • Vehicles such as boats, trailers etc. are prohibited
  • Visitor spaces are first-come first-serve, however there is a 72 hours (3 days) maximum for leaving a vehicle inactive in a “Visitor” space.  
  • Violators can be towed.